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Welcome to
Rob Matzkin Group

Your Gateway to Transformative Coaching,

Consulting, and Venture Capital Opportunities

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Coach and consulting

is a renowned leadership approach with a proven track record of empowering individuals to unlock their true leadership potential. With a deep understanding of human behavior and organizational dynamics, Rob's approach focuses on authenticity, self-awareness, and purpose-driven leadership.

Through a personalized approach, RMG guides clients to navigate challenges, amplify their strengths, and cultivate a leadership style that inspires others.

Our story

In a world where authentic connections were becoming increasingly rare, Rob saw an opportunity to bring leaders together in a meaningful way. It started with a simple yet profound realization: while technology facilitated communication, it often stripped away the essence of genuine human interaction.  Leaders craved more than just efficient exchanges—they longed for true engagement and understanding. Meeting Like-Minds -  being together - sharing thoughts & vision. Rob's journey began by speaking with leaders from various industries, uncovering a shared sense of isolation despite their success. They needed a space where they could connect deeply, share their experiences, and feel truly heard. This was the problem we decided to set out to solve. He started the Bond Summit envisioning creating a unique environment and services that prioritized trust and understanding, where leaders could come together not just to network, but to build lasting relationships. The path was not easy. We faced logistical hurdles, designing an experience that balanced structured discussions with organic interactions.  Convincing busy leaders to dedicate their time was a significant challenge, but we persisted. The first Bond events exceeded all expectations. Leaders left with more than business contacts—they left with genuine connections and a renewed sense of purpose. This success fueled further innovation.  With creating the RMG we introduced specialized coaching and consulting: sessions, collaborative workshops, and trust-building activities, continuously enhancing the experience based on feedback. Today RMG stands as a testament to the power of authentic connection through leadership coaching & consulting. What began as an idea to solve a problem has transformed into a business backed by a thriving community.  Our story is one of identifying a need and addressing it in a customer-focused, straightforward way.  It’s a journey of overcoming challenges with innovation, driven by a core commitment to trust and meaningful engagement.  ​

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 Look no further than the Rob Matzkin Group.

Led by industry experts Rob Matzkin and Hannah Bellmann, our group offers a unique blend of coaching, consulting, and family office designed to empower you, and businesses to achieve unparalleled success. 

Our values


At the CORE of our offerings is our commitment to fostering trust – the fundamental component of any successful relationship, whether personal or professional.


Rob Matzkin Group provides leadership coaching and consulting to help individuals achieve their potential through authenticity and self-awareness. They emphasize trust, growth, and innovation, offering personalized sessions and events like the Bond Summit to foster strong connections and drive success.


Through personalized coaching and consulting sessions, Rob and Hannah leverage their extensive experience and expertise to help you overcome challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and cultivate meaningful connections that drive growth and innovation.


Whether you're seeking guidance to enhance your personal or professional life, eager to connect with like-minded individuals at the Bond Summit, or looking to partner with a venture capital firm that values trust above all else, the Rob Matzkin Group is here to help you achieve your goals.

Our group offers

"Continuous awareness foresight and vision – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking your full potential
Specifically designed for entrepreneurs, executives, creatives, and thought leaders to perform at their highest levels."

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Rob Matzkin Group
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Remember there is no reason to reinvent the wheel or learn things the hard way or on your own.

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